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I’m going to go with him. He… can stop the beating… he can help me, I know it. I won ‘t be posting on here anymore… don’t worry about me, I will be just fine…. just fine… justfinejustfinejustfinejustfinejustfinewell… I suppose this is good-bye… I’ll miss posting on here…

He’s here now… good-bye…


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I can’t get the heartbeat sound out of my head… It’s been two days.  The beating hasn’t stopped for two days, and I don’t know what to do… But there’s something else.


I’ve seen him, recently… the Slender Man.  And… whenever I see him… the beating gets louder.  It drives me almost insane, and I run away, but… I still can’t get it to go away.  It’s still beating… right now…


What does it mean?  Someone, please… help me… I think I’m losing my miadfvcx

The Heartbeat

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I am so scared.

I haven’t slept for days.  Every time I try to sleep, I hear something, in my head.  It sounds like a heartbeat.  I don’t know why, because it isn’t mine.  But every night, from when I try to fall asleep throughout the whole night, it’s there.  The sound of the heartbeat.

It started only a couple days after my last post on here, when I explained that I’d forgotten everything that happened while I was absent for several months.  I still can’t remember.  It just vanished out of my head, like it was never there.  Like I never lived those five months.

I don’t know if this heartbeat sound has anything to do with my heart missing.  I don’t know how it could; I don’t think it would continue to beat after it had been removed, and especially not in my head.

As I’m typing this, the beating is starting again.  I won’t be able to concentrate on this much longer, so I may as well get off.

– Will

I can’t remember it anymore…

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I logged in to post more of when I was gone, but now… It’s all gone.  Everything.  I can’t even visualize in my mind the few posts I did write about everything that happened.


I’m sorry to disappoint you. If you were following this because you wanted to know what happened to me while I was gone, I suppose I understand if you stop.


I guess that’s all I have to say for right now.



Chapter 3 of ???

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Hello again.  Back to recounting the events of the couple months I was gone.


For a few weeks after my friend’s apartment, I became increasingly paranoid that I was in some sort of danger.  I had been having a few nightmares about the Slender Man, but… I wasn’t SCARED of those once  I’d woken up.  I could just feel as though something bad was going to happen.


Sure enough, it did.


After a few weeks – maybe, four or five – had passed with not much more than the somewhat frequent nightmare.  I woke up in the middle of the night to find my bedroom abnormally dark.  Usually I have some light from the streetlamp that was out side my window.  This night, there was no such light.  I look out my window and could just barely see the lamppost, upon which the streetlamp was out.  Nothing to worry about, the bulb must just have blown out or something.  That’s what my mind tells me now.  What my mind told me then included some choice swear words and an urgent command to find my light switch.


I felt around my room until I did.  However, upon flicking it to the “on” position, the light wouldn’t turn on.  That made me even more scared.  I fumbled around in my nightstand drawer until my hand closed around a flashlight, which I then turned on.  Thankfully, it responded with a bright beam of light.  I decided I’d take a trip to the fuse box to se if I could turn the lights back on.


Right when I opened my bedroom door, I was confronted with a tie.  I staggered back to behold a whole suit, and, finally, a head with no face.  I wanted so badly to run, anywhere, jump out the window… But I couldn’t.  I’d frozen in place and I couldn’t move.  The Slender Man… seemed to glide toward me.  It wasn’t really like gliding, but I don’t know how else to explain it.  He just moved.  Eventually he was close enough so that a single tentacle shaped appendage could rise from behind him and start to encircle me.


I wanted to scream.  I wanted to kick and punch and claw and do anything else that might have gotten me away from him, but I couldn’t.  I was completely paralyzed.  But then there was a bang.


He and I both staggered, he much less than I.  But it was enough to get me free.  I scrambled far enough away to pick up the flashlight and hurl it out the window, then I followed it.  I hit the ground hard, to feel heat hitting my face and light blinding me.  The far side of my house had exploded and was on fire, with the fire quickly spreading.  The Slender Man could still be seen from my bedroom window, staring down at me, but unmoving.  The flames spread to that room, and I thought he might burn to death.  But I blinked once, and he was gone.


Well, now that I’ve told that part of my story, it’s time to find an enclosed area and rest in a corner.  Good night, everyone.


– Will

Hospitals and Doctors and Policemen… Oh my!

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This is going to be a very long post, so bear with my, please.

I apologize that I haven’t posted in a while again, but here I am, still alive. I’ve been running since two days after my last post. No, not from the Slender Man. From people, curious people.

I jumped off of a pretty high roof running from the Slender Man one night, right into a big group of people, which he, as it seems, didn’t want to get involved with. I did, however, hit my head, and I fell unconscious. Someone called the authorities and I was picked up in an ambulance in which my vital signs were monitored. You can probably guess what they found and what their reactions were.

I woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by a group of doctors and nurses. There were a few gasps when I woke up as well as some chin scratches. The doctors whispered among themselves for a few minutes, then all except one of them left the room.

“Hello Will,” the doctor said to me. “My name is Dr. Morrison. My colleagues and I are very… interested in you.”

“Why’s that, Doc?” I asked.

“When you were brought in here, we did an x-ray of your torso area. We really aren’t sure how you’re alive. You’re a scientific conundrum.”

At this point he was starting to scare me. “What makes me a ‘scientific conundrum?'”

He sighed heavily and said, “You don’t seem to have a heart.”

I closed my eyes and let my head slam back down onto the pillow. I don’t know why I was surprised, come to think of it. It’s not not it was beating. I told him I needed to leave.

“We… can’t let you do that.” He seemed to position himself near the door.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“We… need to keep you here for a while. We need to know how you’re still alive-”

“That’s not my problem, doctor. It’s not my job to enlighten you to jack. Let me leave.”

He sighed. “We can’t.”

“I will force my way out.”

He looked me straight in the eyes. “Good luck. Security’s been tightened since you got here.”

I then proceeded to get up, disconnect a bunch of wires, then barrel through the doctor and the glass door behind him.

I narrowly escaped the hospital and have been chased ever since, but there hasn’t been any recent sign on Slender Man. My next post will continue what happened during my long absence before.

Until next time,

Chapter 2 of ???

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Hey there, everyone. I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been feeling pretty sick lately. In fact, I haven’t really been trying to outrun- well, you know.

Anyway, so, what happened, after my friend’s house? I went home and tried to sleep. I didn’t sleep more than a half an hour at best, though, because of a dream I had. I’ve been having horrible, terrible dreams lately, but this one was just unnatural.

I dreamed I was running through the wood. Typical nightmare, one would think. All of a sudden, though, I couldn’t move. I was held with my back against a tree, but I was floating off the ground. I could see that thing staring at me from in the trees far away. I started to have a pain in my chest. My heart was torn from my body by some unseen force, and then I woke up.

When I woke up, my heart was still beating. Very quickly, I might add. But now I should probably get a head start before I run out of daylight, so I will post again when I can.

Until next time,

Chapter 1 of ???

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I guess now is as good a time as any to start explaining why I was gone for so long.  Starting from when I last posted:


I went to my friend’s burned down apartment.  At night of course, which turned out to be a bad idea.  But anyway, I went there to find it burned to the ground.  There was nothing the firefighters could do.  My friend’s charred body was removed when the fire finally went out, so I never got to see it.  I looked around the rubble for a while before deciding there was nothing there to see.  I’m pretty convinced I burned down my friend’s house without knowing what I was doing.  I don’t know why I would do that, but I guess I did.


After I decided it was time to leave, I heard something in the bushes.  That something turned out to be someone, and that someone was Kimberly.  I ran for it, right into or favorite faceless being.  He towered over me, almost twice my height, with arms as long as I am tall and legs even longer.  I think he had some extra arms then too, but I was too scared to make sense of what I saw.  I changed directions, then looked back.  His attention switched to Kimberly.  I took advantage of the distraction and started running again.  I don’t know what happened to her, but I assume she’s working for Him, in which case I don’t really care.


Fun fact:  My heart was still beating then.  It almost beat out of my chest.  Eventually, though, I got far enough away to plop down on the ground and sleep for a few minutes before going back hope and suffering another sleepless night.


That’s the first part of my “break.”  I’ll post again when I can.


Until next time,


Well… Hello again.

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  You’re probably overjoyed and/or interested that I’m not dead and gone after such a long break like that.  Well, I’m only technically not dead.  My heart stopped beating, it seems.  Brain activity is still there, though (obviously), so I’m not really dead.


My heart stopped beating a few days after the last entry of this blog.  I don’t have a clue why, but I’m almost certain it has something to do with that “Slender Man.”  Not a big fan of him.  He’s been following me around this whole time, by the way.  I keep running (I’m in a cyber cafe type place right now) but he never seems to get tired of the chase.


I have a lot to recount to you all.  But for now, I just wanted to let you all know I’m still here — sort of.  It may be a while before my next post, but please be patient.  It’s a great comfort to know someone’s paying some attention to this little corner of the Internet.


Thank you all,


The Dream

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Hi everyone.  I don’t have many words to use to describe what has just happened, but bear with me.


Last night I had a dream.  I dreamed  that my friend Chris’s apartment burned down.  I woke up screaming and called him.  He was groggy, because I had woken him up, but otherwise fine.  I got over it.


When I woke up today around 11:30, I turned on the news.  I immediately saw a news broadcast about a burnt-down apartment.  When they said the address a few minutes later, I recognized it immediately as my friend’s house.  The firefighters sent into the house recovered a body too charred to recognize.


A witness at the scene said she saw a man in a black hoodie quickly walking away from the scene.  I rushed back to my room to call Chris, and right when I got in something caught my eye:  My black hoodie was hanging on the hook on my bedroom door.  The right sleeve had a bit of ash on it.


Someone please tell me it’s illogical to think I killed my friend while I was sleeping.  I’m so scared right now, and the man without a face makes everything worse.


Signing off,



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